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    WHERE IT ALL BEGUN... In November 2021, the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI) held its flagship Blue Career and Business Expo, which created multi-opportunity exchange platforms for young people to learn from maritime industry leaders across the country and to gain an appreciation of the range of opportunities within Ghana’s blue economy sectors. The Expo was attended by over 200 individuals, including high profile personalities, maritime industry practitioners, students and other relevant stakeholders. The BCBE was not meant to be a single event, but rather, the first in a series of events aimed at actively engaging African youth in the path towards building a resilient blue economy for the continent. As intended, the BCBE was used to initiate a Mentorship Programme for which several of the participating youth showed interest. This year, GoGMI intends to go a step further by selecting thirty young individuals to be engaged in its Blue Mentorship Programme – a full mentorship and grooming experience intended to prime them for blue success. ABOUT THE PROGRAMME The Blue Mentorship Programme is an African maritime accelerator intended to encourage youth to engage in sustainable blue economy careers and to offer them support through their business, entrepreneurial or career progression journey. The entire programme is intended to have the following impacts: Serve as an incubation hub for blue economy start-ups Provide learning and support for youth through their career, entrepreneurial or business journey Facilitate youth engagement with corporate and industry partners who are passionate about innovation, diversity and inclusion of young minds in the development of Africa’s blue economy Provide youth with access to maritime industry mentorship, support services, educational and networking events, while keeping them updated on the latest new, developments and engagements in Africa’s blue economy community Beyond mentorship, the programme aims to achieve this by offering a wide range of curated platforms for young people who have an interest in maritime careers or businesses to meet, share and collaborate on different fronts while expanding their skill-set and knowledge base ELEMENTS OF THE PROGRAMME Mentor Pairing At the start of the programme, mentees will be paired with mentors who will offer them guidance in their blue career/entrepreneurship pursuits across a broad range of areas. This mentorship will continue for the duration of the entire Blue Mentorship Programme and will form the foundation upon which all other activities will commence. 2. Blue Success Speaker Series (BLUESSS) 2022 Mentees will be given the opportunity to ask questions, allowing them to delve deeper into the backstory of these well-established entrepreneurs. Attending this event will provide young individuals a great chance to network with like-minded individuals who share their passion for various maritime careers and entrepreneurship. The mentees will be clustered into groups on the basis of blue economy sector categories so that they can receive specialised advice tailored to their interests. The BLUESSS platform is intended to create the opportunity for young people to hear first-hand accounts from successful blue economy entrepreneurs, ocean innovators and other ocean professionals across a broad range of blue economy industries. The speakers will share insights into their career and entrepreneurial journey, including their notable successes and failures. 3. Maritime Business Support Hub 2023 Following successful participation in the BLUESS, mentees will be afforded the opportunity to build on lessons learned to generate and expand on sustainable blue economy ideas through a year-long Maritime Business Incubator, with sessions held each quarter. Quarter 1: The Mind Map Mentees will be taken through a guided mind-mapping exercise/brainstorming sessions to identify blue economy sectors within which they have interest, skills or expertise and explore the range of opportunities for innovation and change within these sectors. ​ Quarter 2: The Blue Economy Innovation Challenge Following the Mind Map, mentees will be given some time to come up with innovative ocean ideas or work with industry to identify business case problems and develop solutions within their blue economy sectors. They will be afforded the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel for review and inputs. Quarter 3: The Blue Platform The Innovation Challenge will be followed by the creation of a virtual platform for mentees to interact with a comprehensive community of innovators, experts and support systems to help them further develop and potentially implement their blue ideas. The platform will also provide a great place to meet potential team members, founding partners and advisers. THE BIGGER PICTURE: A MARITIME BUSINESS INCUBATOR Beyond the Blue Mentorship Programme, GoGMI aims to expand its engagement with youth to develop a Maritime Business Incubator (MBI) which will, through a combination of progammes, partner with global maritime industry and practitioners to provide solutions and resources to improve career and business connections and financing for innovations in blue start-ups and entrepreneurial activities in the Gulf of Guinea region. The Incubator will achieve this by offering a wide range of curated platforms for young people, entrepreneurs and business men and women who have an interest in a maritime career or business to meet, share and collaborate on different projects and activities while developing skills and knowledge using extensive resource hubs and directories. Through the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute and partners network, individuals who are interested in starting a blue business or have plans to build their career in any blue economy sector can learn and find support throughout the lifespan of their business, career and entrepreneurial journey. The MBI will also collaborate with academia to develop collaborative research networks across the sub region dedicated to enhancing indigenous understanding of Africa’s blue economy sectors and publish the ideas that address how to best identify, nurture, and develop careers and businesses in a publicly accessible collection. Private sector will be involved in the Incubator’s programmes to help bring about an innovative spirit of change for young entrepreneurs and the Gulf of Guinea region blue economy business community. THEMES OF THE INCUBATOR Entrepreneurship Mentorship Maritime Innovation Networking and Knowledge-Sharing Blue Human Capital Innovation The Incubator’s networking events will bring together young minds who have interests in different blue economy careers and businesses on common platforms including conferences, boardrooms, workshops, policy-making councils, roundtables, fireside chats, etc. These networks will then connect young minds with lifelong relationships, pairing them with corporate and industry members and providing them the opportunity to have discourses on careers and businesses to better analyse and find solutions to challenging issues these young people face. The MBI will also feature a Maritime Data Hub which will serve as a one-stop data repository for the development and test-bedding of new digital applications and services for the maritime industry, and a community journal which will feature relevant community blog posts and articles aimed at enhancing knowledge and information sharing You are welcome to apply for the Blue Mentorship Programme today! ​ Are you - or is someone you know - a young person aged 18-30 that is passionate about innovation, diversity and inclusion in the development of Africa’s blue economy or looking for support through their business, entrepreneurial or career progression journey? Why not apply to join the Blue Mentorship Programme? Selection Guidelines and Eligibility Applications are open for undergraduate students, graduate students, students in higher-level vocational training and young industry professionals. ​ Note: Under-represented or marginalized groups, including females and young people in coastal communities are especially encouraged to apply. ​ Applicants must be/have: Aged between 18 and 30 years old and currently living in an African country; Good working knowledge of English, French or Portuguese; Passionate, engaged and active in their local community. Why You Should Apply Rare opportunity to network with maritime industry leaders across the African region and to gain deeper understanding of the range of opportunities within the region’s blue economy sectors Opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from successful blue economy entrepreneurs and ocean innovators to guide individual’s blue career and entrepreneurship pursuits Immense prospects to build on lessons learned to generate and expand on sustainable blue economy ideas, and receive business support through a year-long Maritime Business Incubator Participants of Blue Mentorship Programme have the opportunity to: Contribute to articles on the mentorship programme webpage; Take part in our mentorship events; Learn about Africa’s maritime and blue economy affairs from Gulf of Guinea experts; Meet other young people from Africa who are interested in Africa’s blue economy development; Get your innovative ideas heard by key people in African governments and international organizations; Develop your knowledge, career and business development skills. Deadline: Applications should be sent no later than 25th August, 2022. Applicants will be notified about their application outcome within 2 weeks of the application closing date. APPLY HERE First & Middle Name Last Name Email Phone Age Gender Choose an option arrow&v Occupation Institution Next

  • Maritime Research | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    ギニア湾海事研究所へようこそ-GoGMI GoGMIは、ガーナで設立された非営利団体です。これは、ギニア湾地域に影響を与える戦略的海事に関する相互作用、アイデアの共有、研究を行うための海事戦略思想家、実務家、同盟国のための「シンクタンク」を構成します。インスティテュートのコアビジネスは、ガーナおよびギニア湾の海事空間全体の安全性、セキュリティ、環境の分野における戦略的な海事研究、コンサルティング、およびアドボカシーです。 GoGMIの主な目的は、認識された研究を生み出し、先住民の視点から解決策を提供することです。これにより、地域の意見や関心が過小評価されている地域の海事研究における現在の不均衡に対処します。 INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE Strengthening International Collaboration to Combat Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crimes Explore GoG地域の最新ニュース ニュース 米空母司令官が南シナ海を航行する自由を主張 南シナ海に配備された米空母の司令官は、RFAに対し、「すべての国が公海を航行する自由」を確保することを目指していると語った。これは、中国の測量船からわずか50海里を通過するという任務である。 ..。。 続きを読む ニュース BolloréLogisticsが6隻のセルフリフティングバージを中国から西アフリカに輸送することに成功 フローティングクレーンを使用したコストのかかる垂直リフトを回避するために、BolloréLogisticsは、自走式モジュラートレーラー(SPMT)油圧システムを使用してバージを水平に移動することを決定しました。ジャッキアップバージは高さ1.8mの象の脚に乗せられていました。チームは、FIPE桟橋からはしけに移動するために、これらの重いリフトを1.8メートルから1メートルに下げる必要がありました。 続きを読む ニュース 革新的な浮体式風力タービン財団の設置-TetraSparonグローバル海事苦痛および安全サービス オフショア船のオペレーターおよび設置サービス会社であるBourbonSubsea Servicesは、最近3.6MWの設置を完了しました。 ノルウェーのテストサイトでのTetraSpar浮体式風力タービンのプロトタイプ。 続きを読む 最新の海事ニュース News As China Looks to South Pacific, USCG Maintains an American Presence The U.S. Coast Guard is operating forward in the Pacific Islands for the purpose of maintaining an American presence and building law-enforcement partnerships with regional governments. With capable Coast Guard cutter crews in the area, U.S. government personnel are becoming a familiar sight in the EEZs of under-resourced Pacific island nations. Read More News Canada Names Two Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships for WWII Heroes The ships are part of the fleet of six Harry DeWolf-class Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) being delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy as part of Canada's controversial National Shipbuilding Strategy. Two more will be delivered to the Canadian Coast Guard, but supply-chain issues and inflation have doubled the price for the follow-on CCG contract. Read More News Get Training on Maritime Transport Policy The training programme, developed for maritime transport policy capacity-building activities, is delivered in a workshop or a seminar format for a targeted audience. It covers key topics on policy rationale, policy formulation and formulation of maritime transport policy, international maritime instruments, and the economic, safety, security, human element and environmental dimension of maritime transport policy formulation. The programme embraces a universal approach to meet IMO's capacity-building and technical assistance requirements Read More Visit page>>> INTERNATIONAL MARITIME SECURITY WORKING GROUP ​ IMSWG, housed by the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute, constitutes a working group of maritime experts and practitioners that spans across industries, academia, national, regional & international institutions Subscribe to get exclusive updates Email Join Our Mailing List Thanks for subscribing!

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    Welcome to the beta version of the GoGMI Blue Business Directory, a list of maritime organizations with interest in doing impactful work in Ghana's maritime space. Our goal is to help users build connections, collaborations, and careers. Contact us now or fill this form to have your business featured on the GoGMI Blue Business Directory at ORGANISATION BIO MASSER Afrique is a Ghanaian based company formed by an alliance of knowledgeable maritime professionals with diverse skills committed to supporting the maritime industry by providing valuable and cost effective maritime related support services. ​ Our mission is to empower industrial stakeholders through a wide range of experiences to impel and administer solutions to the varying needs and challenges of the maritime industry. We will achieve this through: ​ •A Maritime Entrepreneurship Business School •Teens in Maritime Academy Project (NGO) •Masser Afrique Entrepreneurship Accelerator CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Address: P.O. Box SK 116, Sakumono. Location: 47 Nungua Link Road, Baatsonaa. Spintex Road. Contact: +233265769031 Address: P.O. Box SK 116, Sakumono. Location: 47 Nungua Link Road, Baatsonaa. Spintex Road. Contact: +233265769031 CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Visit Webpage WHAT THE ORGANISATION IS OFFERING Training and Consultancy Research and Development Business Development Internship Placements ORGANISATION BIO is an information site that educates the public about the maritime industry and what the industry has to offer young people in its form. The information we provide is reliable since our team is abreast with the information in the industry. The credibility of the information we provide is our hallmark. Maritime Digest Ghana is on a mission to provide our audience with knowledge and understanding of the maritime industry and the blue economy space as related to shaping the social, political, and cultural life of its environment. CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Location: GS-0314-1715, New Aplaku, Accra Contact: +233541086637 Address: P.O. Box SK 116, Sakumono. Location: 47 Nungua Link Road, Baatsonaa. Spintex Road. Contact: +233265769031 CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Visit Webpage WHAT THE ORGANISATION IS OFFERING Publications Events News Reporting Media Productions ORGANISATION BIO Africa Risk Compliance Limited is a company based in UK which provides maritime security, operational support and management to international shipping companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Address: Africa Risk Compliance Limited, Unit 7, The Courtyard Location: Woodbury Business Park, Devon, EX5 1AY, United Kingdom Contact: +44 (0) 203 151 1700 Address: P.O. Box SK 116, Sakumono. Location: 47 Nungua Link Road, Baatsonaa. Spintex Road. Contact: +233265769031 CONTACT INFORMATION/ADDRESS Visit Webpage

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    INTERNATIONAL DEFENCE EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE Strengthening International Collaboration to Combat Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crimes ​ABOUT IDEC The inaugural International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEC) hosted by Ghana’s Armed Forces in Accra will build upon the endeavours of Africa’s Armed Forces to enhance combined capabilities to counter the continent’s leading security challenges. This unprecedented event will showcase the importance of integrating strategies and solutions across land, sea and air to solve challenges such as extremism, cross-border crime and maritime security in this region. The overarching objective is to improve regional development and security by promoting civil/ defence partnership, both regionally and internationally. Through a series of unique platforms, the two-day event aims to assemble Africa’s Defence Chiefs of Staff and senior officers and executives from and security agencies and global partners and advanced solution providers to improve combined combat operations and regional development initiatives. The Chiefs of Ghana Armed Forces look forward to welcoming you to Accra, Ghana VICE ADMIRAL SETH AMOANA ​ CHIEF OF THE DEFENCE STAFF MAJ GEN THOMAS OPPONG-PEPRAH ​ CHIEF OF THE ARMY STAFF REAR ADMIRAL ISSAH ADAM YAKUBU CHIEF OF THE NAVAL STAFF, GHANA NAVY AVM FRANK HANSON ​ CHIEF OF THE AIR STAFF, GHANA AIR FORCE SUMMARY OF EVENTS AT IDEC VIP Welcome Dinner Opening Ceremony International Conference International Exhibition Cocktail Reception One to One Meetings EVENT IN NUMBERS 8+ Chiefs of Defence Staff ​ 8+ Ministers and Secretaries of Defence 6+ Chiefs of Army ​ ​ 6+ Chiefs of Navy ​ ​ 6+ Chiefs of Air Force ​ ​ 40+ ​ VIP Speakers 500+ ​ High Profile Attendees 60+ ​ Sponsors and Exhibitors 40+ ​ Countries Represented 20,000,000+ Marketing Impressions 20+ ​ Media Partners REASONS TO EXHIBIT & SPONSOR 01 LOCAL PARTNERS Meet and shortlist the best business partner that can represent your organisation in the region 03 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PRESENTATIONS Establish pre-eminence amongst your peers 05 MARKET TRENDS & OPPORTUNITIES Keep up to date with market trends and identify new business opportunities. 07 USE CASE PRESENTATIONS Demonstrate how you have successfully helped otherdefence and security agencies through your solutions 02 NETWORKING & SOCIAL Use the exhibition floor to demonstrate your latest products and technologies 04 BRAND AWARENESS Multiple opportunities to increase your brand visibility, before during and after the event 06 LEAD GENERATION Increase new business opportunities from highly targeted audience Visit to register now!

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    私たちのプロジェクト 全国統合海軍戦略 Security Governance Initiative(SGI)の下にあり、米国政府とガーナ政府によって資金提供されているNIMSプロジェクトは、海事分野での相乗効果をもたらすことを目指しています。これにより、政府は機会を最大化するための全体的な戦略を立てることができます。 海事部門のすべての利害関係者間の効果的なガバナンスと調和。 詳細はこちら CAPACITY-BUILDING 全国統合海軍戦略 Security Governance Initiative(SGI)の下にあり、米国政府とガーナ政府によって資金提供されているNIMSプロジェクトは、海事分野での相乗効果をもたらすことを目指しています。これにより、政府は機会を最大化するための全体的な戦略を立てることができます。 海事部門のすべての利害関係者間の効果的なガバナンスと調和。 詳細はこちら

  • Blue Career and Business Expo 2021 | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Hosted by In collaboration with DOWNLOAD BLUE CAREER AND BUSINESS EXPO 2021 PUBLIC REPORT HERE EVENT SUMMARY 10 EXHIBITORS 5 VVIPS 16 INVITED GUESTS 200 PARTICIPANTS 6 PANEL DISCUSSIONS The Blue Careers and Business EXPO 2021 was intended to create multiple opportunity-exchange platforms for young people to interact with maritime industry leaders and contribute to a robust blue economy in Africa. The 2-day conference platform was also be used to initiate a mentorship program to be co-managed by GoGMI to foster career development among the participants of the conference. In-depth panel discussions, network sessions and exhibition of maritime businesses further highlighted this exposition as the premier strategic gathering of Ghana’s maritime industry leaders and organisations, related ministries, maritime businesses and young people. セクションタイトル About the Event Attendance Hosted at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping and Training Centre, the Expo was attended by over 200 people, including high profile personalities, maritime industry practitioners, students and other relevant stakeholders. Present were Her Excellency Kati Csaba, High Commissioner of Canada to Ghana, Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu, Chief of Naval Staff, Ghana Navy, Hon. Kathleen Quartey Ayensu, Special Rapporteur for Piracy and Maritime Security for the AU Commission, and Mr. Tukur Mohammed the Maritime Security and Safety Programme Officer of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), who joined the meeting virtually. Exhibitors from the maritime industry mounted stands to introduce participants to varying opportunities within Ghana’s blue economy and to showcase their innovative products, services and maritime solutions. These included Consolidated Shipping Agency Ltd, SIC Life Company Limited, Plastic Punch, Centrepoint Supply Chain Solutions Limited, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, WISTA Ghana, SOKO Aerial Robotics, Odomankoma Maritime News Agency, Regional Maritime University (RMU) and the Ghana Navy. Presentations, Panel Discussions One of the primary differentiators of the Expo was a series of panel discussions and presentations that sought to expose participants to topical issues centered on Africa’s blue economy and equip them with requisite knowledge necessary to prime them to be at the fore of innovation and change within the maritime industry. Day One of the event was kicked off with goodwill messages from some dignitaries present, and a highly insightful keynote address. The first presentation set the pace for the rest of the Expo with the topic, Blue Economy Opportunities for Youth in Ghana , and was corroborated by the following panel discussions: The panel discussions were highly engaging, with youth showing keen interest in all three discussion areas. The exhibition tours and coffee breaks were characterised by high levels of cross-interaction among the various categories of participants present, with the youth actively engaging in dialogue with experts an industry practitioners. Day two of the event commenced with an in-depth presentation on SWAIMS and Gender in the Maritime Space , as well as the following panel discussions: The day’s activities also included the launch of Ghana’s Blue Business Directory, a GoGMI innovation intended to provide an online repository of businesses and opportunities within Ghana’s maritime industry and blue economy space. VVIPS H. E. Kati Csaba Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana Mr. Tukur Mohammed Programme Officer, Maritime Security and Safety, Economic Community of West Africa States, ECOWAS Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu Chief of the Naval Staff, Ghana Navy Hon. Kathleen Ayensu Quartey Special Rapporteur on Piracy and Maritime Safety, African Union Dr. Kofi Mbiah Maritime Consultant Just the Beginning… The Expo was not intended to be an isolated event, but the first in a series of events aimed at grooming African youth to drive innovation and positive change in the continent’s maritime industry. The funding and support of the Canadian High Commission was inimical to the success of the event. The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute looks forward to further deepening and strengthening collaboration with the Commission towards future events in line with this ultimate vision. EVENT PROSPECTUS Event Agenda Informative Flyer Event Report Event Portfolio ALL COVID-19 PROTOCOLS OBSERVED

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    GoGMIについて ギニア湾(GoG)地域は、コートジボワールからアンゴラまでの沿岸州の間に囲まれた海域として定義されています。湾岸諸国には、コートジボワールガーナ、トーゴ、ベニン、ナイジェリア、カメルーン、赤道ギニア、コンゴ、コンゴ民主共和国、ガボン、アンゴラが含まれます。この地域は原油や水産資源が豊富で、世界の大国にとってますます魅力的になっています。この地域は、やがて原油生産においてペルシャ湾と同等かそれを超えると評価されています。また、非常に不安定な地域です。地域の資源を管理するための大国間の競争は、冷戦スタイルの代理戦争と地域のより多くの不安につながる可能性があります。ガーナのジュビリー油田にあるコスモスエナジーの株式を購入するための、ガーナ国立石油公社(GNPC)を通じた米国のエクソンモービルと中国海洋石油会社(CNOOC)の間の最近の激しい競争は、これらの代理紛争の可能性を証明しています。 GoG地域の政府は、そのような状況で健全な意思決定を行うために、経済的および政治的ダイナミクスに加えて、戦略的な海上安全保障分析に基づいた必要な情報を持っている必要があります。そのような情報が外部ソースではなく固有のソースから発信されていることが重要です。 現在、GoGには、戦略的な海事研究、アドボカシー、コンサルティングを専門とする活発な先住民機関はありません。地域外の機関からの情報と評価への継続的な依存は、地域の国々の利益のためにうまく機能しません。これらの情報と評価は、主に情報源の国と機関の利益に基づいています。 ギニア湾海事研究所(GoGMI)は、その隙間を埋めるように設計されています。ガーナに設立された非営利の研究機関です。これは、ギニア湾(GoG)地域に影響を与える戦略的海事に関する相互作用、アイデアの共有、研究を行うための海事戦略思想家、実務家、同盟国の「シンクタンク」を構成します。インスティテュートのコアビジネスは、ガーナおよびギニア湾の海事空間全体の安全性、セキュリティ、環境の分野における戦略的な海事研究、コンサルティング、およびアドボカシーです。 GoGMIの主な目的は、認識された研究を生み出し、先住民の視点から解決策を提供することです。これにより、地域の意見や関心が過小評価されている地域の海事研究における現在の不均衡に対処します。 ヴィジョン 私たちのビジョンは、GoG地域の戦略的海事における主要な研究および擁護機関になることです。 ミッションステートメント GoGMIの使命は、海の持続可能な利用を確保するために、その活動がGoG地域の海事領域に影響を与える政府、組織、企業体、および個人に知的基盤を提供することです。私たちは、地域の海洋環境に影響を与える政策や活動に影響を与えるために、地域に影響を与える戦略的な海事問題の研究と擁護によってそれを行います。私たちの事業を遂行するにあたり、私たちは独立性、正確性、公平性の価値を支持します。 事業の型 GoGMIの背後にある原動力は、戦略的な海事研究、教育、メディア、およびコンサルティングサービスにおける卓越性の達成です。 GoGMIは、従来の障壁を克服するためにさまざまな媒体を使用して、すべての人に知識を提供することを目的とした先駆的な学際的な組織です。非営利の研究組織であるGoGMIのビジネスモデルは、仮想コミュニティに依存して研究および教育ソリューションの作成に必要な収益を生み出すという点で独特です。このモデルは、研究所の独立性とGoG地域のニーズに対応する能力を保証する自己永続的なサイクルです。研究所内の寄稿者とその専門家のネットワークがコンテンツを作成し、定期刊行物、書籍、セミナー、会議、インターネットなどのさまざまなチャネルを通じて配布され、海事分野の研究に関心のある人々のコミュニティに提供されます。地域の。

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    Careers Think you have got what it takes to work with us? It all begins here. Open Positions Under Review Business Development Manager Accra, Ghana Finance and Administrative Assistant (Entry Level) Accra, Ghana Programs Assistant (Entry-Level) Accra, Ghana

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    JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Finance and Administrative Assistant(Entry Level) Department: Management Reports To: Business Development Manager Job Purpose: To assist in the provision finance and administrative support to the Institute. Working closely with the Business Development Manager, you will play a key role in the financial and administrative operations of the Institute and its projects. The Finance and Administrative Assistant will assist in the financial administration, including the management of the accounts of the Institute’s operations, the financial information required for various funding returns, the day to day financial management, as well as undertaking general admin tasks under the guidance of the Business Development Manager. Key Accountabilities: Creation and update of all relevant administrative records including personnel, financial and logistical databases; Management of official phone calls and correspondence; Support of all budgeting, accounting and other bookkeeping procedures; Tracking of stock of office supplies and making adequate preparations to renew stock when necessary; Preparation of timely administrative reports and presentations as required for effective operations within the office. Qualifications & Experience Bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting combined with 1+ years of work experience in an office environment; Accounting/book-keeping (experience with computerized accountancy systems would be ideal); Data recording and monitoring – preferably experience with electronic data recording systems; Administrative support experience. Skills Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written Proficiency in working with Microsoft packages, including Outlook, Word and Excel. Accuracy in reporting detailed financial information Ability to work as part of a team, as well as on own initiative Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and professionals alike Ability to work under pressure, plan and prioritise own workload, manage competing tasks and meet deadlines. An understanding of, and commitment to, equal opportunities Ability to maintain effective office systems Ability to travel locally as required. Deadline for Application: 3 July 2022 Terms of Employment: 6 Months initial contract with the opportunity for permanent employment based on performance. ​ Applications must include a cover letter , resume , desired salary and contact information for three professional references . ​ To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

  • Business Development Manager | GoGMI

    JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Business Development Manager Department: Management Reports To: Executive director Job Purpose: To develop and implement a business development and fundraising strategy, including establishing the infrastructure to grow the current annual revenue stream of GoGMI through e.g. solicitation, government grants, competitive bids and corporate and foundation support. Key Accountabilities: • Develop and implement an organizational business development and fundraising strategy and process • Maintain and provide donor intelligence and identify new funding opportunities for the Institute • Develop successful proposals and budgets • Lead in seeking grants income, collaboration opportunities and building consortiums for new grant funded projects; • Manage effective and comprehensive tracking, monitoring and reporting framework for grants; • Represent the organisation’s business development interests at relevant meetings, events, and within resource mobilisation or donor specific peer networks. • Strengthen internal new business development capacity Qualifications & Experience Bachelor degree in relevant discipline combined with substantive work; Minimum of 3-year working experience in similar roles with an NGO or similar organisation; Experience in securing and managing funding from key institutional donors Deep experience in developing projects and programs proposal Desirable Master Degree in Business related field Knowledge in maritime related activities Skills • Proven relationship building skills and ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a wide variety of people and organisations. • Established leadership skills and the ability to lead, co-ordinate and work with multiple teams and partners, including field-based staff • Ability to work independently and take initiative. • Solid analytical skills and ability to filter and distil critical information. • Proficiency with financial data, including budgeting, with a close attention to detail. • Practical organisational skills with the ability to manage a fluctuating workload, prioritise and re-prioritise when necessary and meet tight deadlines. • Ability to effectively communicate with and coordinate activities of Excellent technical skills in writing, editing, formatting, research, negotiation, and verbal communications, with attention to details • Creative thinker and motivator, energetic, with an entrepreneurial spirit. • Able to learn quickly • Advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Zoom, etc). Deadline for Application: 1 July 2022 Terms of Employment: 6 Months initial contract with the opportunity for permanent employment based on performance. ​ To apply, send your resume and cover letter to